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  • 英語讀書報告通用10篇



    英語讀書報告 篇一

    A Book Report of The Black Tulip

    By Huang Xin, Talents Class, 2006

    I have recently read the simplified version of The Black Tulip published by Shanghai Translation Press. This novel was written by the distinguished French writer Alexandre Dumas Pere, the pioneer of the Romanticism Literature Movement in France. He was so popular that his works had been translated into several languages and welcomed by readers all over the world.

    This novel took 17th century Dutch bourgeois revolutionary period of intense political struggle and the turbulent life as its background.

    This gist of the story is as follows. The leading role Cornelius is a young doctor who completely doesn’t inquire about politics. He loves growing tulips and is trying to cultivate a black tulip without any other color on it at all. In order to obtain the considerable bonus offered by the government to the first man who cultivates the very kind of black tulip, Boxtel, Cornelius’

    neighbor, tries to destroy and steal the bulbs of Cornelius, even kill him. Fortunately, Cornelius in the prison gets acquainted with the prison-keeper’s daughter Rosa and they fall in love. Under Rosa’s help, Cornelius realized his dream and achieves happiness at last.

    It’s firmly believed by some people that when you become rich and successful, happiness will naturally follow. After reading this novel, I believe that nothing is further from the truth. To my mind, the secret to happiness lies in your successful work, in your contribution towards others’ happiness and in your wealth you have earned through your own honest efforts.

    Firstly, in order to obtain happiness, you should achieve your successful work, in order to achieve your successful work, you should go through thick and thin. As the writer said, “those who have suffered much, have a right to be happy.” Take the two leading characters for example. They eventually reach happiness after suffering a lot both psychologically and physiologically. Secondly, your happiness should live in your contribution towards others’ happiness, but not on the contrary, in destroying others’ happiness. If you get your happiness by taking advantage of others or by hurting others, you won’t be happy with it for long, at least, you won’t enjoy the real happiness. People will think you’re a mean person. Boxtel was a typical case. He would never gain happiness.

    Thirdly, wealth obtained through dishonest means doesn’t bring happiness. Happiness is not an end, it is a process. It’s a continuous process of honest and productive work which makes a real contribution to others and makes you feel you are a useful and worthy person.

    英語讀書報告 篇二

    Recently,I have just finished reading a famous novel written by Margaret mitchellGone with the Wind,which is one of the most popular works among American novels.It took the auther about 10 years to finish this great novel,the only novel in her life. The story happened during the Civil War eve.Scarlett OHara,a 16-year-old girl,who was living in Tala manor in Georgia,was loving her neighbor Ashley Wilkes.However,after the war have broken out,Ashley Wilkes married his yonger cousin Melanie. Scarlett was so angry that she decided to marry a man she didn?t really love---- Charles long after that,Charles Hamilton joined the Army and died of illness in the war.So Scarlett had to act as a widow.Afterwards,at a donating dance party,Scarlett is acquainted with a captain named Rhett Butler. Then the flames of war approached Atlanta.Everyone was busy leaving away from the war.Scarlett managed to escape from Atlanta with the help of captain Rhett.Having e back to Tala manor,Scarlett made up her mind to rally her homeland at any cost when she saw that the former manor had been ruined.Later,her second husband died in the fight,she was a widow again.Durling that time,Rhett had been loving Scarlett sincerely and warmly.Seeing that Rhett could help her rally the manor,Scarlett married him.Although Rhett had similar characteristic attracting her,Scarlett still loved Ashley.Later,their only daughter died accidently,Rhett left Scarlett sorrowly.And then Scarlett realized that Rhett was the only one who could fall in love with her.

    The novel takes the US Civil War as the background.It takes Scarlett?s individual activity as the thread.The book show us a tragic love story .A couple who could have a perfect future,but finnally go in opposite direction.As a matter of fact,their charactristics have decided their tragic result inevitably.We feel sorry about the end because we are looking forward to a perfect end,just like Scarlett and Rhett.In fact,ferfect is always a excessive damand.

    I affirm Rhett.He brings excitement to Scarlett?s life and encourages her impulse to change and succeed.Like Scarlett,he goes after what he wants and refuses to take ?no? for an answer.He is humorous,intelligent and cynical with a hint of treason.He is really a respectable man.I think he finnally left because of love .Otherwise,he couldn?t have gone without hesitation.

    Ashley Wilkes is the foil to Rhett?s dark,realistic opportunism.If there was no Civil War,he is surely a nobility of grace and charm.But history cannot be changed.He bocame a victim of the war.His era was gone with the defeat of the war.At the same time,we cannot deny the fact that he had a chear understanding about reality,which just contribute to his tragedy.

    In this book,what I appreciate most is not Melanie?skindness or Rheet?s dedication and patience,but Scarlett?s courage to throw her long-standing morality and tradition whe faced with diffiiculties.At the beginning of the war,she didn?t care about this.In her world are endless dinner parties and dance parties.In her body are her father?s brave Irish blood and her mother?s noble French pure blood.She had a vast farm as her home.She had hundreds of slaves.This is Scarlett.,a member of noblity,proud and different.However,the war changed everything.Her mother died of illness.Her father bee silent and the farm was nearly deserted.Even food became a big problem.All the pressure was put on Scarlett?s shoulder.She must feed a family of 9 people in it.What a big difference of level.If all this happened to someone else,he or she may choose to the contrary,Scarlett choose to face the change of life bravely.How can we not admire her courage of to change herself.Life is like a mountain.The road can?t be pletely smooth.When we fall down from the peak,we may get hert ,we may get disappointed,we may feel despair.But if you want to survive,you must stand up to face it.

    It is obvious that is really a good book,even if a long time has passed away,it is still suitable for today?society.It is of great importance to change ourselves,change our value even our thoughts when our life chages.

    On the other hand,I think there is no real perfect in the world.Everybody has his shortings.It is necessary for us to learn to forgive others? faults.If we keep good-tempered,Ibelieve there will be more edy and less tragedy.

    如何寫英語讀書報告 篇三







    如何寫英語讀書報告 篇四
























    英語讀書報告 篇五

    Reading and writing are the process of drawing and inputting,while the other is the process of releasing and outputting. Read a book,after the author and a soulful dialogue,through the way of writing to record their own reading,municate and exchange with the author and more people to sort out their own thinking,is a matter of great significance.

    To write a good book,you must first read a Book carefully.

    If you do not read carefully and do not read through the whole work,it is very difficult to grasp the authors writing intention and the subtleties of the work as a whole.

    Mr. Zhao Lihong is a famous writer,has many works in Chinese textbooks,in the field of education and the munity have high visibility. For the sake of the same party,I had the honor of meeting him and receiving the books he gave to me from time to time. I cant live up to his kindness,Gesanchaiwu will read his book,write a book after reading notes. Think of yourself as a physics teacher,both literary conception and teacher Zhao still have a big gap,so write after reading notes put it in my blog,did not have the nerve to tell him. By chance,Mr. Zhao Lihong from the network search to my writing,very surprised,for my science teacher has given many awards,and mentioned on several occasions,so we are concerned about what I write.

    Miss Zhao is love I write these,a very important reason is that I read his works,generally read what he wants,and the text will I understand that out,carried out a series of good munication and dialogue with him. We often say,without investigation,there is no right to speak,this sentence is used in reading is also interlinked,and did not seriously read a book,it is impossible to write more appropriate reading notes.

    Reading notes there are three main forms: reading notes and book reviews,respectively.

    A book review is often a judgment of the value of a book. To say this book merits or defects,which is a sort of author of values,but also readers will interact with their own value judgment and the authors point of view,to find the meeting point of the process. Relatively speaking,book readers need to have their own certain reading horizons,read some of the same type of books,the author and his writing intention have a certain understanding,can stand on a higher level to look at this book.

    The book has three basic functions: one is to introduce the content of this book to other potential readers,arouse their interest in reading; two is the type of this book defines,let everyone understand that this is a kind of work; three is the introduction. Introduce some of the deepest feelings in your book and guide others to pay attention to the relevant content while reading.

    In terms of the types of book reviews,it can be generalized into the following three types: one is the introduction of nature books. This kind of book reviews are usually relatively short,and make a brief introduction to the basic situation of the book so that people can understand the basic information and core content of the book. Two,the book reviews of the evaluation category. For example,a novel,the first to introduce the story of the work,and then its characteristics,highlights,the main style,such as a summary,which will also involve some of the defects in the works of evaluation. The three is academic book reviews. On the basis of the above two kinds of book reviews,the author makes a further study from the theoretical point of view,and judges the value of the works from the perspectives of academic thought and academic status. This requires the author of the book review to have a solid academic foundation.

    In parison,the writing is free. If the target audience is peoples intention of writing is to remend a book to others,attracting everyone up and read the words on the target audience is itself,is in the process of reading a book in some aspects,especially feelings,then there is a sense of hair. It was not necessary to judge the value of the whole book,as long as there is a feeling in some ways,you can feel,write their own experiences to.

    If the basic function is the review content introduction,definition and types of works of reading,reading is the basic function of recording experience,elaborated understanding,seeking meaning. The process of reading,there is always some place to touch their own,while reading their own feelings and experiences recorded,the first step is to write the book. We often have experiences like this: a good idea in the reading process,because it is not recorded in time,and will not be returned after a few days. It is important to keep track of new feelings in a timely manner. After reading the whole work and go back to record these feelings,will find some can be bined together to illustrate a point from different angles,help yourself to further understand the work; if we can find a few points,will further highlight the significance of the work.

    It is not necessary. A book,if there is a section of special interest to you,you can e out from this section,expound their own opinions and ideas; you can also take the book with his own interest and occupation related content is extracted,the content about their feelings,but not with to other areas. Of course,you can also ment on the whole book and express your views and opinions. It is more emphasis on theory and practice,so that works with their life closely,Notes are also a mon type of reading notes. In reading,to a certain words more interested in,and will record it,and acpanied by one or two words of their own feelings and experience,these contents accumulated,is the notes.

    Compared with book reviews,book notes,more suitable for people just started to write reading notes for lianbi. Many people like to read books,but they just dont know how to write their reading notes. In the process of reading,encountered some better statements,it will be recorded directly. There must be a reason why you feel good about it,and these reasons do not have to be well written. Two or three words mean yes. In this way,while recording,while writing their own intravenous drip,not tired at all,after reading the book,the written text will e out. I have seen a teacher in my reading reading notes is one of the best teachers practice books on the Internet,copious and fluent recording more than 10 feet,nearly the length of words.

    Although their own feelings are not many,in order to extract the words from the book as the main,but for this teacher,after reading the harvest will be much larger than others.

    英語讀書報告 篇六

    Oliver Twist, one of the most famous works of Charles Dickens, is a novel reflecting the tragic fact of the life in Britain in 18th century. The author who himself was born in a poor family wrote this novel in his twenties with a view to reveal the ugly masks of those cruel criminals and to expose the horror and violence hidden underneath the narrow and dirty streets in London. The hero of this novel was Oliver Twist, an orphan, who was thrown into a world full of poverty and crime. He suffered enormous pain, such as hunger, thirst, beating and abuse. While reading the tragic experiences of the little Oliver, I was shocked by his sufferings. I felt for the poor boy, but at the same time I detested the evil Fagin and the brutal Bill. To my relief, as was written in all the best stories, the goodness eventually conquered devil and Oliver lived a happy life in the end. One of the plots that attracted me most is that after the theft, little Oliver was allowed to recover in the kind care of Mrs. Maylie and Rose and began a new life. He went for walks with them, or Rose read to him, and he worked hard at his lessons. He felt as if he had left behind forever the world of crime and hardship and poverty. How can such a little boy who had already suffered oppressive affliction remain pure in body and mind? The reason is the nature of goodness. I think it is the most important information implied in the novel by Dickens-he believed that goodness could conquer every difficulty. Although I don’t think goodness is omnipotent, yet I do believe that those who are kind-hearted live more happily than those who are evil-minded.

    如何寫英語讀書報告 篇七






                                         日期: ____年__月__日

    英語讀書報告 篇八

    Book Report

    I have been reading a book for many days. The books name is CAT AND MOUSE IN A HAUNTED HOUSE. It is telling about Geronimo Stilton who is a newspaper mouse who runs newspaper in New Mouse City—the capital of Mouse island.

    On one night of October, he decided to visit his aunt, Sweetfur. But he got lost when he was driving through the Dark Forest because of the foggy. Then his car was out of gas. He thought “I wish I was at home”。

    Suddenly there was a lightning in the sky and he saw a big castle. When he walked closer to the front door, he saw two stone cats and a sign that says: To Canny Cat’s castle. The door bell was in one stone cat’s mouth. When Geronimo was deciding to go into the castle, it starts to rain, so he went into the castle……

    At last Geronimo’s sister, little nephew Benjamin and his cousin Trap all came and helped him find out all of two little cat. They don’t want others to come into the castle because the castle is their ancestor Canny Cat’s. So they make many tricks.

    After reading this story, I think it’s very interesting, and I had a lot of fun. My favorite character is Geronimo’s nephew Benjamin. Because he is very cute and clever, he always observes every detail. He found out the foot prink on the floor and the nail on the wall. In the story it shows Geronimo is a very timid mouse that always scared himself.

    I like this story very much, so I’ll still read more this set of book.

    如何寫英語讀書報告 篇九










    英語讀書報告 篇十

    The lousy driftage of strand of record 》

    I like to read the adventure novel specially, among them leaving for me impressive would be 《 the lousy driftage of strand of record 》 。

    A body of strand of is at a middle clafamily in England.The ages of the youth, he leaves the house then and personally, going to overseas to go to risky.An on the water die in an accident, he drifts an islet of smoke with unmanned 荒 alone.Start to be very pessimism, afterwards for the sake of existence, he moved to come the clothes, fresh water, food break on the boat, tool etc., started the new life.He plants the corn, raising and train the goat, obtaining the enough thing.After some years, it is a flock of to arrive this undertaking pedestrian meat 宴 , he saved a savage country people, going to a" Friday" for him.Henceforth,50% of week the friend and the servant that he is faithful.After island up live for 28 years, they take one road to was return to by the British ship of the waste island England.

    At the beginning when I read this book through, were is lousy by the strand of he presumes the adventure, the diligent enterprising spirit shocked.He drifts the waste island, not only have no pessimism disappointment, but also ma-ki-ng use of the condition on the island, plant, raise and train, the paradise that ma-ki-ng waste island become can exist freely.We can also see he is a mind and body health, diligent enterprising he- the desolate isolated island, he want to be a person alone with the rains and winds thunder and lightning physical fight with the mosquito wild beast physical fight.The threat that he still needs to face to die, the hardships of the existence.Can his end spirit have no 垮 , but optimistically living bottom go to, use own hands creation life, create tomorrow.Aside the person see, the all these is how not easy, ma-ki-ng person admire how.

    《 The lousy driftage of strand of lu record 》 stay the reality that woulds be it for my another impression concrete.In regard to take that detail of the lousy shipbuilding of strand of lu 。The author hand over the strand of lu whole proceand its details of the lousy shipbuilding to treat clear.Big arrive each step, from the lumbering, chop down to the root, pare off the ship form, dig the inner part to wait in vain, small to each detail, say some size, action, times for example, etc.。See such sentence." Close to again the root, its diameter is five Chinese foots of one inches, at 22 Chinese foots of bitter ends, its diameter is four Chinese foots of one inches, then slice slowly under go to, be divided into some sons.My fee numerous physical labor, just chop down this tree, I spend the time for 22 days, just chopping down its root.The …… " be like such sentence plenty more.Exactly these sentence, delineate a clear appearance, let the person feel the reality, become intimate with.

    《 The lousy driftage of strand of lu record 》 the most attractive place is host Mr. is breathtaking, unusual, true personal career, but its deep attraction is the standing alone feeling of the common and existent mankind indeed in reader's heart output total 鳴 。We can find out own shadow in this book, hence, we had no reason not to like this book.


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